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    October 12, 2004
    Files Too Large To Email?
    Sending files as attachments to emails, especially using free webmail services, can be a problem when the attachment(s) are over 7MB. What if you wanted to email a file to a friend or colleague that was up to 1GB (yes, 1,000MB)? And you didn't have access... read more

    October 14, 2004
    Friends-Only P2P File Sharing Comes Of Age: Grouper
    Grouper is a P2P file sharing tool that allows private groups of people to easily distribute files among themselves with no limitation in file types and size, and with integrated IM (instant messaging) and security encryption. Grouper fills a gap left by the first wave of... read more

    December 26, 2003
    Free Online Drop and Pick-Up Exchange For Sending Files
    ... read more

    October 29, 2003
    Direct, Effortless Files Sharing: The Invisible FTP Is Called "Tokens"

    Creo Tokens http://tinyurl.com/szfa = interesting, promising Software Tool (Win & Mac) Free for recipients - $49 for creators Last night I received an email that stroke my attention and fed my interest for the new and useful. A little masterpiece of PR work, the email, which I have copied below in... read more

    July 16, 2003
    Exchange Files Transparently Between Macs And PCs

    -------------------------------------------------- Exchange Files Transparently Between Macs And PCs CrystalFire WormHole http://www.crystalfiresw.com/products/wormhole.html = [must have] Software Tool (Win & Mac) Designed to be extremely simple to use, Wormhole is a drag-and-drop file transfer utility that lets you transfer files between any combination of Mac OS X and Windows systems. Just connect, drag... read more



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