• Free Video Stock Footage: Best Public Domain Films Available Online - Mini-Guide, Part 3

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  • Public Domain Torrents


    Public Domain Torrents is an online video library of public domain films distributed using torrent files.

    All films are in DiVX quality and thus the Divx codec is required to view them on your computer. To download the films, just select the encoded version that fits your needs at the bottom of the film page. Options available are: iPod, PDA and PSP, even at a different resolutions.


  • Entertainment Magazine's Free Movies


    Entertainment Magazine's Free Movies is an online catalog of public domain films that you can freely download and edit as you see fit.

    All movie clips are in standard quality and you can download them as MPEG and MP4 files, which you can play back on iPods, iPads and other portable media devices, including mobile phones.

    QuickTime is required to view the clips. To download, start watching a video and then click on the triangle (lower left of movie screen) and choose "Save As".


  • Public Domain Comedy Video


    Public Domain Comedy Video is an online resource where you can find and download old-fashioned comedy films free from copyright or licensing restrictions.

    All movies are in standard quality and distributed in MOV and MP4 file formats (which means you can play them back onto your portable media device / iPad without any conversion required). The collection is updated regularly.

    QuickTime is required to view the films. To download a video right-click with your mouse on the link right below the player and then choose "Save As".


  • Wikimedia Commons


    Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository where you can freely download public domain educational media content (images, sound and stock video clips), in different languages.

    You are also allowed to copy, use and modify any files freely as long as you follow the terms specified by the author; this often means crediting the source and author(s) appropriately and releasing copies / improvements under the same freedom to others. The license conditions of each individual media file can be found on their description page

    All video footage is in standard quality and distributed using OGG and OGV video file formats.


  • IgniteMotion


    IgniteMotion is an online resource that helps you download video footage clips to use in your creative works.

    All video clips are in HD quality at 720p and you can download them as MOV files. The collection is updated persistently, so be sure to visit the site often to get new videos published.


  • iMovies


    iMovies showcases a collection of public domain films that you can freely download and keep for as long as you want. You can even re-use or edit them them at your won leisure. All movies are also syndicated via RSS feed.

    You can browse the films using the internal search engine provided by Google. All videos are available in streaming (so you can preview them) and in one of the following formats (MPEG4, AVI, DivX).


  • The Internet Archive


    The Internet Archive features a collection of thousands of videos contributed by the users and community members. All videos are released under a creative commons license and are available for free download. All video clips are also syndicated via RSS feed.

    You can browse the archive either by collection, author, language, keywords or date. Every clip is available in multiple formats (QT, MPEG4, OGG, 512Kb MPEG4), containing metadata and image thumbnails in GIF and JPG file formats.

    Internet Archive Users can also review and rate all clips uploaded.








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