• Free Video Stock Footage: Best Public Domain Films Available Online - Mini-Guide, Part 2

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  • iStockPhoto


    iStockPhoto, the popular stock photo marketplace, has also a large section of its website specifically dedicated to video stock footage.

    The section is updated weekly and you can download the clips only after you register. iStockPhoto also sells professional royalty-free footage in a pay-as-you-go fashion ($0.95/initial price), through subscriptions ($0.24/initial price) and through corporate accounts ($0.29/initial price).

    All videos are available as MOV, MP4 and WMV files with quality ranging from standard to HD. The videos support both NTSC and PAL video systems.


  • Crowd Control


    Crowd Control is part of the Tool Farm visual effects service, where you can buy professional stock clips to enrich your creative projects. The footage available on Crowd Control is usually in HD quality, QuickTime MOV format and 16:9 video aspect ratio.

    You can try the video before buying them in two different ways: by downloading a free silhouette clip from the preview page or by uploading the video to the Crowd Compositor tool, which gives you a pre-purchase preview. Registration is mandatory to use Crowd Control.


  • Artbeats


    Artbeats is a royalty-free stock repository where you can buy and download footage to use for your projects. All videos are suitable for both NTSC and PAL video systems and are available in HD quality and RED high-resolution formats.

    To find and download videoclips on Artbeats, you can use both the free search and the advanced search function, where you can customize your queries by selecting the category, the format, the frame rate, the clip length and the price range you prefer. You can also search among an extensive array of different brands. Registration is compulsory.


  • xStockVideo


    xStockVideo is an online repository of free videos that you can download and use at no charge for your personal and commercial projects.

    All footage is available in HD quality and in the WMV video file format. Registration to download the clips is not mandatory.


  • StockFootageForFree


    StockFootageForFree offers a large selection of video clips from around the world that you can instantly download for no charge and use in your video projects (both personal and commercial).

    All videos are available either in high definition or standard quality. All clips are recorded using professional cameras with tripods and then captured digitally using firewire cables to ensure no quality loss. Registration is not requested.


  • FootageFirm


    FootageFirm is a large Internet resource for royalty free video footage where you can find videos of US cities, international locations, animals, sports, effects and more.

    All clips are available either in standard definition and in 1080p HD quality MOV files. Registration is mandatory.


  • Vimeo Free HD Stock Footage


    Vimeo, the popular video-sharing website, has a large collection of free HD stock footage completely free to use for your videos and projects.

    All footage is available at 1080p HD quality MOV files. Videos are contributed by Vimeo users. Registration is needed to proceed with the download and new clips are released persistently.


  • Free HD Video


    Free HD Video is the website of Benjamin Spiegel, and independent video producer that decided to release some of his work for free for you to download and use it as you see fit.

    All footage is in HD quality, either at 720p or 1080p, depending on the clip. There is no registration needed for the download and new clips are periodically released.


  • Pond5


    Pond5 is an online stock media marketplace where you can buy professional video clips, audio tracks and sound effects to complement your creative projects.

    Regularly, Pond5 releases a stock footage clips that you can download for free by registering to the site. Videos are often in HD quality.


  • Resolume


    Resolume is a professional video editing software on whose website you can find a collection of selected sources to download beautiful stock footage clips.

    Depending on the source you choose, the videos are either in standard or HD quality. Most videoclips deal with street culture, graffiti, music and nightlife.








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