• Free Video Stock Footage: Best Public Domain Films Available Online - Mini-Guide, Part 1

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    Finding free stock footage video clips to meet your online video production needs is not always an easy task, but lucky for you I have spent time and resources to compile a list of the best resources online on this matter.

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    The goal of this guide is to save you from purchasing quality (and expensive) DVD catalogs of free stock footage video and bring to your knowledge all the best venues on the Internet where you can find beautiful clips (even in HD video quality) to complement your video projects.

    All stock video clips that you will find in this guide are either:

    • Completely free to download and use,
    • royalty-free (pay one-time rights to download and then use as you see fit),
    • under the public domain (not covered by intellectual property rights at all)

    Stock video footage opens great opportunities for those wanting to produce professionally-looking videos while staying on a budget.

    Here is a curated and updated selection of online free stock footage resources to get you started immediately:

  • Rocket Clips


    Rocket Clips is an online royalty-free stock videos resource dedicated to people, lifestyle, business, and recreation that allows you to find stock footage for personal and commercial purposes. You need to register on http://www.thoughtequity.com/, the platform which hosts the videos on Rocket Clips before buying any videos.

    All stock videos are available in high, medium and low definition, WMV and FLV files, NTSC and PAL systems.


  • Always HD


    AlwaysHD is an online resource devoted to empower all video publishers out there with royalty-free stock videos. You can buy any stock videos you like and also you can download one free HD video clip every week. Registration is mandatory to buy and download the video clips from AlwaysHD.

    All videos are available in HD, MOV video file format and PhotoJPEG files. To find and download stock footage on AlwaysHD, just use the search field or browse freely through the video collections.


  • Wildform


    Wildform is a web-based royalty-free stock video repository where you can buy and download videos to use for your personal and commercial projects [avoid this last sentence, as it is overused]. All videos are available in AVI format (320x240, 30fps) and broadcast definition. Registration is mandatory.

    To find and download videoclips on Wildform, you can use the free search or browse through the categories. The stock footage prices range from $10 to $120.


  • Internet Archive Stock Footage


    Internet Archive Stock Footage is a royalty-free stock footage archive that offers videos released in the public domain or under Creative Commons License. These kind of clips are perfect to keep your video productions on a tight budget. Registration is not mandatory to use the service.

    All free video footage is available for download in high-quality MPEG2, OGG or MPEG4 file formats. You can also grab the embed code available for each video to publish the clips directly into your web projects.


  • Nature Library


    Nature Library is an online resource dedicated to royalty-free stock videos where you can find footage that deals specifically with nature. Registration is mandatory to purchase and download the clips from Nature Library.

    All videos are available as MOV files, NTSC DV (720 x 480). The fixed price for any single video clip is $20, but you can get a 50% discount if you buy more than five videos. Nature Library also offers each week a discounted royalty-free clip at $4.99.


  • Blue Sky Footage


    Blue Sky Footage is a large catalog of stock video owned by Academy Award-winning director Bill Mitchell where you can purchase and download clips to use on your video projects. Registration is requested.

    All videos are available in MOV, FLV and WMV files, HD and SD resolution, 8-bit uncompressed 4:2:2, Apple ProRes, H264, PhotoJPEG and DV QuickTime and NTSC and PAL formats. You can download a free sample video clip (full-length, 8-frame high-resolution) for pre-purchase evaluation.


  • RoyaltyFreeHD


    RoyaltyFreeHD is where you can find a big set of royalty free videos and collections organized over the following categories: Places, people, Things, Business, Effects and Time Lapse. No registration is needed.

    You can either buy an entire collection or a single clip depending on your needs. Pricing ranges from $499 - $699 for DVD titles and $899 for titles on tape. Clips range from $199 - $299 each. For each clip you can watch a preview, get all the technical info and also download a PDF with all the logs. You can use the clips either for personal or commercial purposes without restrictions.


  • WorldClips


    WorldClips is a large online footage catalog sporting over 5000 video clips coming from more than 50 world locations. Registration is not asked to purchase and download videos from WorldClips.

    All clips are available in HD quality MOV files (suitable for NTSC video systems only) and you can use them either for personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions.


  • Stock Footage World


    Stock Footage World is a treasure trove for video footage from popular locations worldwide. You don’t need to register to use the service, but you have to send the editors at Stock Footage World a request via email to buy the stock footage .

    All videos are available in HD quality MOV files and for both NTSC and PAL video systems. You can also convert HD videos into broacast quality (NTSC / PAL). Prices range from $299 (NTSC / PAL) to $399 (HD) for each clip. After purchasing your videos via email, Stock Footage World offers two delivery options: shipping as a data DVD-ROM (check shipping fees within the USA and to international countries) or via direct download.


  • GotFootage


    GotFootage is an online video library that allows you to purchase and download basketball related video clips. Registration is mandatory to download the footage.

    All clips are priced at $50 each and a short demo is available for preview before every purchase. All videos on GotFootage are offered in broadcast SD (standard definition) quality, 4:2:2 60i at 720x486 and only suitable for the NTSC video standard.




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